more and more people doubting

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  1. that there was ever a credit crunch

    just do a google search

    I was right all along when waaaay back in 2007 when people ware saying that there was a credit and liquidity crisis, but I insisted there wasn't and that nothing had changed.
  2. Really?

    Are you serious? You continue to debase yourself in ways that amaze me. April performance of BIDU's stock is not a valid indicator of credit health and availability.

    I thought Rent-a-Center would've pulled your computer by now, how are you posting?
  3. No credit crisis? No Insolvency Crisis? Hmmmm.

    How do you explain this. And by the way, all that lent dough has not caused inflation. Why?


    The current credit crisis (or more like insolvency crisis) pales in comparison to the 1930s. Even if this were adjusted for inflation. Here's the link from the St Louis Fed, if you want to create your own chart with different dates:
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    stocky my man, I just have one question and I would appreciate an honest answer: between you and Cramer, who is the bitch and who is the bull?
  5. So you lost 70% on your paper trades from waaaay back in 2007 for other reasons?
  6. I've asked him 2x now what he is long right now....No answer yet, hmm, nothing...And he has never made a single investment....ever. What a fucking poser...9800 + posts, for nothing....Go figure.
  7. What about his index?

    It was down a whopping 88% (almost 89%), and even with the 21% wicked rally we've had in the last 4 weeks, was still down over 70%.

    He literally bought stocks like AAPL, POT & RIMM at their parabolic highs and was telling others he was buying more at those points in time.

    The best way to make a small paper trade fortune with stock_turd3r is to let him start with a large paper trade fortune.
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    Why you guys pay any attention to some janitor from a community college is beyond me.
  9. Stress test want held "Mum".... during current "Earnings" season so the "news" will not possibly send stocks further down? Per the Feds.

    If you think, if they think, if any one thinks that the "Credit Crunch" is over should go long....period.

    IMHO....we are not even close to having this "problem" being over. Unemployment is going to continue to rise over the next 4 levels beyond that of the "Carter" years.

    Companies are and will continue to stay away from building inventory. No matter if the companies are profitable or not.

    GS is currently looking at taking over a lot of "niche" opportunities. (I have a friend who is in M&A GS who spoke to me on thursday about how strong they are...and how the "Big Dog" is walking around the halls with a smile and whisper of this being the best time ever for GS and that this opportunity will not be present again in most of our lifetimes."

    M&A will be heavy with in the Private Held Companies as well as Key Players on what is left of Wall Street. This will be done with TARP money on the Public Co. side. Private Companies sitting on Heavy Cash are buying up their weaker pray as we speak.

    The consumer will still be shy......they will not spend, hence WalMart Missing earnings.

    This is just the start. We have a decade of limit growth, 1% to2% GDP. Consumer will save save save as Inflation eats into their pocket book by 2010.

    Welcome to AMERICA'S lost decade.