More and more, I'm beginning to believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gabfly1, Jun 7, 2010.

Do you believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect?

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  1. well gabby, other canadians describe you as ''left of center'' for Canada. So it's not only me, but other canadians who disagree with you. A few observations- claim that "unregulated capitalism" is chaos. Yet there was never "unregulated capitalism" in recent history in the USA... Securities, medicine, everything is regulated, and usually has a specific body whose sole task is to regulate it (SEC, FDA, FCC etc) I feel thats a bit of a strawman because no one ever advocated unregulated capitalism. Yet you are arguing against it as if there were some large segment of Americans who are for having no business laws whatsoever, when that isn't the case.

    Also, you do seem to be in favor of centeralized ownership of key industries- medicine, banking, energy etc. This is very much a socialist position... Yet you don't admit to being even partially socialist. Why not? Do you just not like the word, while you DO like the ideas? I'm genuinely curious.
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    It is funny cause Phenomena's study had guys like you pegged 100%, you are trying to argue with economic facts, not theories.
    I can only come to the conclusion based on your answers that you think it was a good idea to raise taxes on corporations during one of the worst recessions in history. Read any basic economics book and find the answer to that one. There is not an economics book in the world that teaches you raising taxes on corporations is a good route to take during a recession, now Obama is stuck trying to keep up with the printing of funny money which is unsustainable, to continue the growth of government while the tax base shrinks, is a ridiculous position and only something someone who is far left would think is rational.

    It is funny cause Phenomena's study had guys like you pegged 100%, you are trying to argue with economic facts, not theories.

    Better yet, look how the economy is doing thus far under Obama.
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    Yes he absolutely is, why dont you pose those same three questions to people who live in alberta? That is where your from right? There is no way the same three answers come back the same way Gabfly1 answered on average.

    Then lets look at his whole racism bullshit issue, i think you are starting to turn the corner though i may be wrong. People in Canada are MUCH less sensitive to race issues, i know this from experience, i worked in sales offices, all my colleagues, and three of my best friends, and 2 of my ex girlfriends, on top of my current girlfriend, are a different race then me, not one of them would go around getting their panties in a bunch the way the white Canadian Gabfly1 does, he is absolutely far left of centre. He would not find a single colored friend in the areas i lived in toronto, cause everyone would look at him as though he was a total idiot. Canada is a melting pot for every race, the places i hung out and grew up there were as many people of different ethnic backgrounds as there were white people so it was cool for all of us to be ourselves and say whatever without some bleeding heart libtard fuckwit jumping down your throat.

    If you are not willing to admit that people in Canada overall are much less sensitive to the race issue, then you are not being intellectually honest, and there is no point in debating you.
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  4. Sorry, but if this is the conclusion you have arrived at from my posts then it may be in your interest to consider reading comprehension classes.
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  5. I'm guessing that I've probably read more of them than you have, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
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  6. very impressive..

    good thread too
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    So why dont you argue my response? or Did i catch you up shit creek without a paddle again.....
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    POINT ME TO A SINGLE ONE WHICH SAYS RAISING TAXES DURING A RECESSION IS A GOOD IDEA...... this needed to be in bold as it is an absurd idea.... what did you read? Robert Reich's Biography? Keep in mind i majored in Economics so feel free to come out with any bullshit you want. Feel free to regail me with your stories of how raising taxes amidst a SEVERE recession to increase entitlment programs is a solid economic decision.
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    First please respond to this.

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    Reading books is impressive uh?

    Maybe you should try it sometime.
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