More and more, I'm beginning to believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gabfly1, Jun 7, 2010.

Do you believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect?

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  1. No. By Canadian standards, I would consider myself quite centrist. I refer to myself as being left of center by American standards since this is an American site and we are discussing American politics.
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  2. I don't think so... I think you are left of center in Canada, but not "far left". I think you are "far left" by American standards... Guess we'll have to disagree

    However, you didn't answer... What would you say, in your opinion seperates you from a socialist???

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  3. Socialism is defined as follows:

    Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

    The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

    On the other hand, unregulated capitalism is anarchy. I believe in regulated capitalism. That makes me neither a communist nor a socialist.
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  4. Hello


    So if you believe in regulated capitalism are you willing to admit that Raising taxes on corporations during one of the worst recessions in history is a bad idea on Obamas part?

    Do you think cutting taxes on corporations to provide private sector job growth during a recession is a good idea?

    If you believe in regulated capitalism are you willing to admit that expanding the size of the government, while the private sector shrinks during one of the worst recessions in history is a bad idea?

    If you are a centrist are you willing to admit your definition of racism is horseshit as it only pertains to right wingers?

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  5. Okay, which parts of this political theory do you disagree with?

    "Socialism is an economic and political theory based on public or collective worker ownership and control of the means of production and allocation of resources.[1][2][3] As an economic system, socialism is an organization in which production is carried out by a public association of producers to directly maximize use-values, rather than exchange-values (see: commodity production), by rationalizing economic activity through conscious economic planning in investment decisions, distribution of surplus and in coordinating the use of the means of production. Specifically, socialism is a set of social and economic arrangements based on a post-monetary system of calculation, usually implying calculation based on some physical magnitude, such as labor time or energy units.[4]

    Socialists advocate a method of compensation based on individual merit or the amount of labor one contributes to society.[5]

    Socialists generally share the view that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. They argue that this creates an unequal society that fails to provide equal opportunities for everyone to maximise their potential,[6] and does not utilise technology and resources to their maximum potential in the interests of the public.[7]"

    I may be wrong, but I thought you were very supportive of government institutions such as FNM, FRE, schemes such as govt equity in GM, Citi, AIG, etc..
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  6. 1. Do you refer to the corporations that were getting a heck of a ride during the Bush years?

    2. See No. 1.

    3. What I can see is that the government that was in place during which the recession was in its infancy was entirely inadequate from both a policy and regulatory standpoint.
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  7. Hello


    He is absolutely left of center, even in Canada, i grew up there for 18 years, please dont believe that Gabfly1's opinon in any way represents the norm in Canada. Even though Canada is left of the United States Gabby is much further left of centre, in Canada then he is willing to admit.
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  9. I've already told you where I stand. Please spare me the digital exam.
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  10. Ricter


    No, he isn't.
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