More and more, I'm beginning to believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gabfly1, Jun 7, 2010.

Do you believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect?

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  2. Lucrum


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  4. someone has to laugh at your stupidity.

    keep on begging

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  5. Don't you know he is an American hero in the waiting. Lucrum is waiting for clearance from the Feds. If he is granted amnesty for murder then it's off to the border to kill Mexicans, men women and children. Of course he will need body guards for his own protection. Joran Mexican killer Lucrum a profile of courage he is not.
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  7. Lucrum


    More exaggerations. What's wrong, the thought of men willing to do things that turns your stomach make you piss you panties?

    "Waiting for clearance" implies an expectation of a reply from the feds. I have no such expectation. In fact if you recall I said if YOU can arrange immunity from prosecution...

    "Murder" would walking up to you and bashing your skull in with a ball bat just because I don't like. Defending our border would/should be justifiable homicide. There's a difference.

    I'm hardly the biggest or toughest guy around but I don't need a body guard.

    mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

    I guess it's easy to throw baseless insults around about someone else's courage, when you have none of your own. Maybe you should stick to your knitting circle with the other ladies.
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  9. He is here to wish that any one who differs with his views to be blown up. God bless him OPTIONAL, god bless every NEO CON.
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  10. Walking up to me in person would talke courage. You would need more than a bat to give you that courage. But it's good you recognized the need to have a weapon that you realize you have no courage to face any man face to face, me a Mexican, a son in law. So much anger and lust for violence, you are a failure as a human.
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