More and more, I'm beginning to believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gabfly1, Jun 7, 2010.

Do you believe that a Right Wing mindset is a mental defect?

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    Same website, same author.

    Do Liberals Suffer from Arrested Moral Development?
    What 10-year-olds and liberals have in common.

    Two paragraphs that I found particularly interesting.
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  3. Touché. Had I known a bit more about the author, quite apart from the article you linked, I might not have posted the earlier link. I'll try to be a bit more circumspect next time. It's interesting to note that he's a libertarian.
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  4. Lucrum


    I think you should read the rest of your highlighted web site.

    What's the matter you only read and post what conforms to your preconceived notions?
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  5. Better than the Right Wing modus operandi: making shit up.
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  7. That's exactly my problem with you on many issues you present in this forum. Instead of going after the issue that drives you, you'd rather post something that conveniently slanders your arch-enemy, the Republicans. It's also my point in our conversation regarding Katrina/Oil spill - Bush/Obama - fault/no fault. You just want to cherry pick the things that make your case without the consideration that maybe, just maybe, there could be something else that is the problem.

    It's not just you, either. It's most people. It's even me. I try, however, to focus on the issue instead of who is supporting the issue. As you are well aware, I am a conservative. I am also a registered Republican. But I disagree with the GOP on many things and I admit I voted for Obama last time (something I sorely regret now).

    I try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to focus on the issue and MY viewpoint on it based on my upbringing of what is right and wrong. Not the GOP's stance. I won't defend them blindly.

    Unlike many liberals on this board (and in person I have met) you are someone who should spend the energy focusing on the issue, not the partisanship. With your wit and intellect, you could make a far greater point in many discussions would you do that.

    Just my observation. I'm sure I'll get flamed for it.

    Oh, and incidentally, there is nothing wrong with the original article you posted. It'd be a fine and interesting read, if it weren't for the fact that the only reason you posted it was the send another Hatfield shot across the bow of the McCoys. Had you posted it with the article I did, and said something to the point of "do liberals and conservatives have different wiring?" then it'd be a good discussion (that would inevitably turn into a feces slinging fest like every thread in this forum). But it would be worthy of someone your intellectual caliber.
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  8. Sorry, that example doesn't wash. YOU raised that comparison. I only commented on it. YOU cherry-picked, but not to your advantage.
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  9. Sorry, but as a group, the Right better resembles a cardboard cutout. The Liberals, as a group, are much more disparate than the far more homogenous Right. There may be exceptions to that observation, and perhaps many of them. But they remain exceptions nevertheless. That's why the Democrats can't often see eye to eye with one another, even if they should hold a majority of seats. They don't necessarily all wear the same uniform and jackboots. The Right, on the other hand...
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  10. You're very kind, and perhaps you give me too much credit. But I have developed a genuine disgust for the Far Right, and the moderate Right seems to exist more in theory than in practice. Evidence of moderate conservatism tends to be more anecdotal than empirical. You may or may not wish to retract your kind words. All the same, thank you.
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