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  1. The American Stock Exchange (Amex) will begin trading five additional Nasdaq securities in its Nasdaq UTP Program effective Monday, May 24, 2004 in preparation for the upcoming Dow Jones test program. During the test program, Dow Jones will use the opening and closing prices of Nasdaq-listed stocks traded on the Amex to generate Dow Jones Averages (for the Industrial and Transportation averages).

    The list of Amex specialist firms and Nasdaq securities allocated to them include:

    Symbol Security Name Specialist Firm
    ALEX Alexander & Baldwin Inc Kellogg Capital Group
    JBHT JB Hunt Transport Services Inc Bear Hunter Structured Products
    NWAC Northwest Airlines Corp Equitec Specialist, LLC
    USFC USF Corp Bear Hunter Structured Products
    YELL Yellow Roadway Corp Susquehanna International Group
  2. Hey JM what effects do you think the amex will have on trading in these stocks. Doesn't everyone just avoid the amex cuz he is to slow? If not how does one get auto ex for amex and what kind of size if so?

  3. Effects: Another liquidity source and the rates their may be cheap.

    Autox: I think its only on the ETF's(2000, DIA 5000)
  4. Nordic


    None, except of course crossing and locking the market