More Americans Give Up Citizenship As IRS Gets Aggressive Overseas

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  1. 500 people in the first quarter, eh? Holy crap...

    I think there are more folks in my neighborhood.

    How many people came into the country last year?
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    Good riddance.
  3. Rich people leaving US

    Poor people coming
  4. Think of the net worth of those 500 that left.

    Now think of the (negative) net worth of many of those that are coming into the US... they have no health insurance, they have kids that need schooling, they need medical treatment...

    I see it in NJ. The wealthy are leaving the state. They are being replaced by poor immigrants.
  5. Since 2008, Americans with net worth greater than $2 million have had to pay an exit tax assessed on their assets. WTF is wrong with Americans allowing the Government to get away with SHIT like this.
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    The world has been educated to follow ignorance and submission rather than freedom and prosperity.
  7. Social Security payments continue to be made to deceased over seas residents. Payments continue until a death certificate is filed at a US embassy. The deceased family members continue to receive and spend these retirement benefits without recourse.

    Some may give up there citizenship, others continue to receive payments long after death...
  8. American freedom is a national myth, no different from any other national myths.

    Don't take it too seriously
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    We are all slaves/livestock/assets of governments and corporations
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