moratorium mistake

Discussion in 'Economics' started by olias, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. olias


    What are the chances Obama reverses the 6 month moratorium and admits he made a bad, knee-jerk decision?

    I think that's what he needs to do
  2. I say fine reverse it with a required relief well for deep water drilling. Prices will go up, sure, its called insurance.
  3. Indeed ... but the majority of the rigs are heading where they can be used.
    Petrobras of Brazil.

    With a Global shortage of Oil platforms many that pulled out of the Gulf are headed for Brazil.

    George Soros fund heavily invested in Brazil oil.

    Obama underwrites offshore drilling in Brazil

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  4. None.

    Deepwater Oil drilling technology has outpaced safety and spill recovery tech by far.

    Until there's believed safety and recovery procedures catch up, it would be moronic to drop down moratorium, as we may easilty see other spills.