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  1. So I've got this poor guy I pay $100 every month. Not homeless, just on social security for a disease which doesn't really kill him but neither lets him live a life or be employed for about $2000 / month as he used to make prior to falling sick. Abusive family, mother dead, father missing.

    Of course he could make use of more. Which I could provide but I'm not willing to. In a way, he's like a kitten or puppy. When I was young in my grandma's village we solved the problem of kittens or puppies easily: drowned them. 30 seconds, then no more pain.

    I dare you scold me for being a cold, heartless man. There are 1,000,000,0000 kittens/puppies/humans in distress in this world. I'm only keen to my "tribe": blood relatives and very few selected outsiders. Don't owe anything to noone else, couldn't give a shit if they exit.
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    Peak schizopost
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    DEEDLE-DEEDLE QUEEP - Philip K. Dick
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    Could you state that as a question please?
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    I admire your sense of community and moral ideals. This is how a society should operate , state intervention is destroying civilizations . I certainly wouldn't kill him if that's what you're suggesting , that would be very immoral .
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    Well I hope the OP never finds themselves in a dire position where they need help from someone outside their “tribe”, blood relatives or few select friends.

    Might find the world doesn’t owe the OP anything either and could care less if he exited.

    After all do unto others as you would have others do unto you, right?
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    "The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members."
    - Gandhi.

    Tribalism is a very natural trait, but many people leave it behind after they've had enough exposure to those outside of their tribe. I've always believed that society has a responsibility to take care of those that can't take care of themselves.
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  8. I thought I do a bit of hands-on experimenting with the concept of "basic income". You must have heard of it, if not ... Google. Essentially I wanna figure out a rough estimate on the costs involved and consequently if it's viable or not.

    A back of the envelope calculation told me it's a chimera:

    1) It's economically unfeasable, there are not enough resources from the working population to support the non-working population.
    2) It's a violation of the way human psychic works, an utopia along the communist idea and crap. If you wanna make a thing work, it needs to fall along the human psyche and not stand against it. Like the communists experimenting with the idea of phasing out family and having the kids raised by "the society" - abject failure.