Moral Issues with TradeBolt, Strategy Runner, Multi Charts

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  1. Basically I'm looking for (2) things.
    1) To be able to be paid a good interest rate on my EOD cash balance
    2) good order executions
    3) knowing that I other people won't be able to see my strategies

    I've been looking at ,,, and multicharts (3rd party software). Currently I have the Tradebolt website up. My ? is, are these programs chop shops? Will they be able to see your code? The multicharts software company is from Russia. Not like there is anything wrong about Russia, isn't just that I don't want to have to go to Russia to pursue legal action. Also TradeBolt is from Quebec, Canada... WHY NOT IN THE US??

  2. Do you really think they are going to try and steal your strategies? Are you serious or is this a windup? Who are you behind the handle Steve Cohen?
  3. KS96


    are you naive?
  4. Maybe I am, explain your point if you like but I for one coming from a large institiional Trading/broking background could imagine a software provider nicking your strategy? Hey obviously I hit a nerve
  5. Maybe its just that I cant imagine anyone wanting to steal my strategies!!
  6. well I appreciate the opinions, however I imagine if the software vendor is a small company wouldn't you think to reason that if you do have a very profitable strategy that if an unhonest person could steal the strategy and trade it for him/herself.

    I don't know why that would be considered so far fetched.

    If it were a big company in the US, with a lot to lose I wouldn't nearly sweat it, however I'd think they are small companies out of the US...
  7. You think Canada is small and unethical. For unethical the US has its share. As far as your strats go have you tested them yet?
  8. For ethical/US see Enron, World Com, Tyco the list goes on
  9. Are there small and unethical companies in canada yes, have I backtested them, yes!
  10. Please stay away from the debate if small companies are more likely to be unethical vs bigger ones.

    I'm interested on the integrity on these 3rd party software distributors
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