Moral choices of the government (poll)

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What should the government do?

  1. Take the 1-2% population hit mostly of the elderly and get back to normal as soon as possible.

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  2. Keep up the quarantine even if it takes months and even if the economy goes down, extended recession

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  3. I am not sure, but I am scared.

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  1. Pekelo


    This poll is to measure how we as society function and what kind of sacrifice we are willing to take. This is also for any country, not just for the US. I am not saying which side is good or bad, I am simply just curious of our posters' take.

    My prediction is that eventually people all over the world will lean towards the let the weak/old fail and let's get back to normal choice. But I could be wrong...

    Keep in mind that in choice #2 there still could be huge number of casualties due to social unrest, revolution, food war, etc.
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  2. fan27


    I propose a version of the first option where the vulnerable (sick, old, etc) self isolate while the rest of us get back to work. We can then deploy resources towards those who are most vulnerable.
  3. Pekelo


    It is not realistic, otherwise the government would have come up with this already. You can't isolate a nursing home from its workers or grandma living with her children.
  4. Metamega


    It’s just money.....
  5. Banjo


    Government and morality in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Morality is a human invention, it's always in flux. The more secure and content people feel the more morality expands and survival instincts contract as they become less necessary. When fear increases morality contracts and survival behavior expands. We are witnessing those behavioral changes now. Costco is not accepting returns on toilet paper which is generating another behavioral shift, anger.
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  6. Banjo


  7. zdreg


    Why are people returning toilet paper?
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  8. fan27


    Shutting down a 22 trillion dollar economy for an extended period of time is also not realistic.
  9. Banjo


  10. dozu888


    what 1%

    0.1% at the most.

    Wuhan the epicenter had 3000 dead that's 0.03% of the 10m population.

    you been brain washed!
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