Mooooooooooooonday!!! Maaaaaaaarkett Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeltdown!!

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  1. Wow looks like all this "Default" talk is bringing down the big bear hammer.

    Get ready for a Monday Meltdown.
  2. ES is only down 10. It's like every other Monday since 2008.

    Anyway, I am contemplating leaving EliteTrader forever. I'll make an official post in a bit.
  3. J Ski

    J Ski

    I want one of them flash crash bargains...
  4. Lucrum


    :D :D :D
  5. S2007S


    Im bearish as usual on these markets but to to write a headline like that will only bring the markets back up, I have seen this time and time again on here when everyone starts to say things such as that only to see the market rally 3% in 2 days. If anything I think the market could be down again tomorrow but I do feel a bounce coming sooner than later. 2% drops in the market are meant to be bought, NOT sold! And huge rallies are meant to be sold and not bought!

    S&P FUT
    1143.00 -9.30 -0.81%
    10859.00 -90.00 -0.82%
    2150.75 -13.50 -0.62%
    86.37 -0.87 -1.00%
  6. Maverick74


    Another great call by you. Nasdaq is green.
  7. Bob111


    impressive reversal from premarket action
  8. Well, don´t forget bout uncle Ben and his crew at the end of this month:

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    Should we call a news conference? :D
  10. Bob111


    i guess Ben was on the right side,one with the beard and pistol? :p
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