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  1. Those of you who faithfully, if assiduously privately, follow my fabulously accurate Confabulator oscillator readings are aware that they have a semi-lunar semi-phase basis. Just a reminder to you rationalist disbelievers in trading astrology: yesterday WAS a full moon. What is more illogical, that lunar phase affects prices, or that isolated mortgage foreclosures on the wretched urban poor can take down the world's mightiest market?
  2. I have always admired your work, and I wonder if you could spare the time to explain the impact of the red planet on the second-order retroversal components of the primary retracement wave? From my research I am beginning to understand that this is absolutely key, and any hints would be appreciated.
  3. N.Q. is solely a moonatic, has little knowledge of the higher maths, and wouldn't know Copernicus from Ptolemy. Clearly you seek understanding of the effect of retrograde planetary motions on the markets. As I am ET's resident recidivist, I have been chosen to respond. Alas, I cannot, because I was censored here last month when I attempted to post just such a theory. It is a very elegant wave-string theory involving paired groups of five vectors and five scalar functions, each operating on a different time scale ranging from monthly to secondly. I was not even allowed a second post, the thread was greeted with such derision by moderation. I will say that the red planet's effect is a minor perturbation on the luneric menstrual cycle which is the driving forced behind the Confabulator. But I leave that to N.Q. to explain, in the unlikely event that anyone on ET has the wit to ask.

    As an aside, I too am a hymenopteralogist, having ruptured more than one in my youth. As a toddler I waged war on hordes of pissants (good training for debating on ET). I ignited matchhead bombs and gobs of airplane glue on their invading armies. It is not easy being different, so I sympathize totally with you.
  4. "isolated mortgage foreclosures on the wretched urban poor "
    Good one!
  5. On the off-chance that this was unaided by GOOG, I salute you!
  6. It was gargled.
  7. Joe, I feel no need to conceal the underlying principle of the Confabulator, as it would not help anyone reverse engineer it. Female population studies performed in the Age of Aquarius (long before most of ET were born), showed a statistically significant relationship between the menses and the lunar cycle, with the mean onset occurring just before full moon. Therefore male traders haven't been getting any for a few days at full moon, with consequent deleterious effect upon their outlook on life, and hence la tendance for the market to make a low then.

    The subsequent strong week-long rise (in the markets, too) is explained by the post-menstrual ovulatory cycle when male traders ARE getting it. Their revised outlook is "the future's so bright I gotta wear shades!". Similarly the market low tending to occur near new moon marks the end of this joyous time, with the recognition, "Oh, shit, it's downhill from here!".

    The complicating factor which makes the price mensural-menstrual cycle less than perfectly sinusoidal is that women are bitchy ALL the time. And that not all female traders are unhappy to be not having sex or happy to be having sex.
  8. How much I hope you were only joking...
  9. Rcanfiel, mock not what ye understand not. There be hoodoos and haints in the markets, but the Confabulator hexes them all with its mathemagical incantations. See the bottom pane of the attachment.