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  1. Anyone interested in purchasing my login? I bought an annual sub and still have many months left, will sell for a discount.

    Mook is a great trader, it's a great and active chatroom, but just doesn't fit my style.

    details of the room at

    send me a message if interested.
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    please describe the style.
  3. He's a contrarian trader. Takes the other side of things moving wildly. Makes decisions based on the level 2 and fundamentals. About half day trades and half overnights.
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    From the looks of it they short low priced stocks into momentum, one of the riskiest styles out there for new traders.
  5. Yeah he does that a lot, but its relatively recent. That is the most profitable thing around for his style lately. I've been following him for years, first on twitter then in the chatroom. When volatility picks up the low priced stock strategy isn't the main thing.
  6. If he's so great, ask him for a pro rated refund.
  7. they are pretty independent minded, don't think they would.
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    Can always ask.
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  10. that is a really interesting link. surprised i never saw it before. all i can say is day trading is the only job i've ever had and it's been a long, long time now. i signed up for this chatroom b/c every good trader knows you can never stop learning. and i have actually learned quite a bit from mook. but while i've learned about some analysis, i prefer not to apply it to his style. he has a much stronger tolerance for pain than suits me and is constantly shorting things that i can not borrow.

    that being said, he and his brother are great at communicating and answering questions and giving legitimate advice on everything regarding trading. i speak as a successful trader, so i hope you trust it has some merit.

    once in a while, some claims in the chatroom are dubious. and the author of that article is right, while mook does post screenshots of his pnl, it could easily be fake. by far, most of the trades appear to me to be valid. it's true he doesn't post his losing trades publicly, but in the chatroom you see it often.

    i've kept a track of my pnl and how much i can attribute to mook. over 12 months it has come to 24k on a 50k account. %wise that is a lot, but I typically make 1-200k a year, so I don't feel it is worth my time or expense, especially since what I've learned I now know. No need to keep paying if I'm not following his actual trades.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter to me. There is about $700 in value left in my subscription -- less than the cost of one bad trade. But if someone was interested in trying the room, I thought I could help them out for a discount.
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