Moody's Considers Bank Debt Downgrade in 15 European Nations

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  1. Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Moody's Investors Service said it's considering lowering debt ratings for banks in 15 European nations to reflect the potential removal of government support.

    All subordinated, junior-subordinated and Tier 3 debt ratings of 87 banks in countries where the subordinated debt incorporates an assumption of government support were placed on review for downgrade, the ratings company said in a statement today. The subordinated debt may be cut on average by two levels, with the rest lowered by one grade, it said.

    Lenders in Spain, Italy, Austria and France have the most ratings to be reviewed as governments in Europe face limited financial flexibility and consider reducing support to creditors, the rating company said. Moody's has said that a "rapid escalation" of Europe's sovereign debt crisis threatens the entire region. U.S. President Barack Obama renewed pressure on European leaders to prevent a dismantling of the euro.

    "Systemic support for subordinated debt may no longer be sufficiently predictable or reliable to be a sound basis for incorporating uplift into Moody's ratings," the company said in the statement.

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