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    Anyone from Montreal ?
  2. I am from mtl . Do you trade prop?
  3. Sorry is off topic, but do you know where the underground spots in montreal are for some decadence.
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    Hi (salut), i trade forex. sometimes futures...
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    Could you PV me and explain me what exacly do you meen by decadence. Could be interpreted many ways...:cool:
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    Do you have any ideas about Quebec's juridiction on offshore compagnie?
  7. I known there is sometype of incentive ( tax break) for "outside investors" coming in la belle province but i am far from being a tax expert. These guys may help you out...
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    thanx. I also found this
    BTW what type of trader are you?

    here me position for today may extended to monday or tuesday

    Forex market

    EUR/USD 1.2937 short
    GBP/USD 1.8837 short

    waiting for london to wake up :)

    so what do you think??
  9. Sorry no opinion dont trade currencies and i enjoy a few drinks on the week end..
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    cover eur/usd 1.2898
    cover gbp/usd 1.8737

    so what do you trade ?
    indices CAC40, S&P???

    i use Ib as my broker with quotetracker,
    thinking about switching to WHS FutureStation...
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