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  1. beli


    i would like to know that where can i take trainee's course from famous trader?
    example, turtle trader Richard Dennis, he trained people or Anton Kreil on million dollar trader on BBC.

    I would like to be trained how to trade correctly step by step like i study A B C to Z. I read Anton profile he spent time about 12 years in this career trader then he travel around the world. That mean he has walked in the right way then he success fast.

    please suggest the place or institution or prop firm or company that offer trainee's course from these success trader.

    i know that many IB or HF have their trading model and training course but they wont accept normal people like me. They will accept IVY student. So i have no way to get in.

    Thank you everyone
  2. try joe ross, he is a true legend
  3. ?....??.... ! .... Hey! You "two" have the same I.P. address! :eek: :( :mad:
  4. try a guy named zr1trader here on ET.

    oh crap forgot to log in my other handle first.:p :eek:
  5. Samsara


    There's an amazing dude named Samsara who once arm-wrestled a walrus underwater and won.

    He'll train you to do the same thing for the low low price of $13,052.
  6. chimera


    LOL......the guys a fruitcake for sure! Misreable, agressive s.o.b.

    try joe ross, he is a true legend


    He''ll only "charge" you about $10k for one on one (extras cost more)
  7. chimera


    oh and people can't be "montored"..they either do it for themselves or they can't do it.

    People that buy "mentoring" think they can hand over $10k for $100K+ you see how this theory is flawed?

    If you don't...please donate to me instead.
  8. luisHK


    This must be one of the most awkward shilling endahaviours in the history of ET.

    Does't reflect well on that Joe Ross dude...
  9. I'll mentor you free of charge, you only need to hold a trading account and to dedicate 100% of your time. For more details please send me a PM.
  10. RedDuke


    Probably wasting my time, but here it is. The odds of finding such person/place are extremely tiny.

    Richard Dennis did it, but it was more of a bet with Eckhard. SOES bandits did it, because the firms needed traders.

    Read books, forums, try things and avoid all paid programs.

    If you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, something might stick.
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