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  1. Hi, I am currently running 2 computers both with dual monitors set up already.
    With that said...on the computer that is a P5 2.52 gig with 512k ram Dell running on Windows XP I currently have an ATI Radeon Pro 9700 Card 128 meg video card (and is in the AGP slot) that has dual outputs for a DVI and Analog monitor. (Once gain both of these slots are currently being used on this computer).
    Here is the tech problem I am currently having and need help with...I went to COMPUSA and bought an ATI Radeon 7500 video card that also has dual outputs and this one of course is PCI (as the AGP is being used already). This would allow me to have four screens on under one computer. I installed the card made sure it was nice and snug...turned on the computer and the computer didnt recognize that there was even a card in the PCI slot at all. Meanwhile both monitors are still working that are connecting from before and running off of the AGP card. So I do a few control tests...go to the boot menu and then install the software that came with the card..although the drivers are exactly the same as before because I made sure to get cards from the same manufacturer. Anyhow I am out of troubleshooting ideas and would like to know from those who have conquered this problem what is next to do? Is this a set up that can even be handled by Windows...? Thanks.
  2. Have you tried a different PCI slot?
  3. This was the last pci slot was the one on the bottom. I have the ethernet card in one..the tele modem card in another and the sound card in another leaving one left..and that was for this pci video card. What is strange is that the computer should not even show the hardware attached at all.
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    This may not be correct now, but I recall being told by the tech where I bought the computer before this one that the video cards should be "together", in order... not with other peripheral cards between.
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    Try to put this new PCI Card as far away from the AGP slot. If there is some other pci card in the last spot, take it out install it elsewhere. Good luck, hope this works. I have seen it work before.
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    Check your computer setup for video settings. Usually acessed durring bootup by pressing F1.

  7. Did that already Wally...I am now going to shut down and get rid of the Tele Modem card and place the video card in that slot and see what happens.
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    Could also be an IRQ confilict between the two cards. See if the manuals suggest any settings to change the IRQ on one of them.

  9. The reason I asked is I remember reading the following posts. Maybe something in that thread can help.

    I'm running 2 ATI cards and I think I remember switching the primary and secondary settings so you may also want to take a look at:
  10. I don't know if you did that already, but in the BIOS, try setting up so that the computer looks for the graphic card in the PCI slot before the AGP. To know if the computer had set the PCI card first : you see the start up screen on the monitor plugged in the PCI card.
    You could also remove the AGP card to see if the new PCI card is working in that specific PCI slot.

    Cheers!! :)
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