Monthly trading expenses.

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  1. I'm writing this post out of pure boredom, but I think it may be useful (a big maybe).

    Lets itemize our monthly trading expenses (excluding commissions) and see what the average is. Yes, this may be pointless but if you're reading this, you have enough time to reply.

    Here's my list:

    1. Charting pkg: $99
    2. Data feed: $40
    3. subscription: $9.99
    4. Subscription to a real-time Market scanning tool: $75
    ^ I didn't include the name of the of real-time scanning tool in fear of being called a spammer! :D

    Guess that's about it. Might replace datafeed with eSignal which I think it around $129 or so per month.

    -FastTrader :p
  2. monee


    real tick 165
    cable internet access 40
    back up isp 20
    printer cartridges and paper 30
  3. That is actually not all depends on how much turbo or info you want in your trading system...I know some guys who like a simple platform ( like a watcher type) and then spend all their money ont he real tick package of you get a credit back with volume?
  4. TM, that data feed is for another trend analysis software.

    I did not include datafeed for IB since my commissions are over $30/mo. so the data from IB is free.

    I also did not include my cable internet fee, which is around $44.95 for Comcast cable. Might be getting DSL as backup, and also hookup that dual-connection router people were discussing here on ET a couple of months ago.

    -FastTrader :)
  5. Here's my list:

    1. Charting pkg and filters: $0
    2. Data feed: $0
    3. Execution: $0
    4. Open book: $0

    I used to pay $600 a month per sit , I did not like it then, I definitely would not like it now.
  6. felichka, I'm assuming you no longer trade :p

    -FastTrader :D
  7. No, I am trading prop at one place that starts with A but do not ask me where, I can not say, they are not sponsors and I am not a sponsor and I do not wont to be a sponsor.
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  8. Then there is 1/9th of my household expenses, like heat, electicity, insurance (my trading office being 1/9th the space in the house). Then there are magazine subscriptions, travel expenses to conferences, other office supplies, etc., etc.,

    Hey, this is one of the advantages of owning your own business - all these deductions under the tax code. 'Cause, gotta make money first. - rcm.
  9. Thats exactly mine overhead is the way to go!
  10. DT-waw


    Eurex exch fee: 8 EUR
    QuoteTracker for intraday charting: free from longer-term charting (15 delayed): free
    Electricity usage (PC, Bloomberg on TV): ~$10
    Total: below $20/mo :)
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