Montclair, NJ

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    Anyone here live in or near Montclair, NJ?
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    I used to live there. What do you need?
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    Just curious how you liked living there. I assume you could have lived in the city and chose not to.
  4. Pretty town located close to all the major spots such as the Meadowlands Sports complex, Willowbrook Mall, Garden State plaza, all kinds of endless shopping, restaurants, all major highways within minutes, and NYC within 15 minutes. Plenty of nice hotels, the University of Montclair including Yogi Berra Stadium.
    Corrado's excellent specialty foods and farmers market close by in Clifton.
    Great area Montclair.
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    I grew up about 20 min from Montclair. Is a very nice area in a great part of the state. Not too far from NYC, but has the "quietness" of the burbs. Is a very clean/upscale area.
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    It was ok but it had issues. There are nice areas but overall it was too close to Bloomfield which is too close to Newark. I have young kids and I felt it was better to move. I ended up moving further west along 22 into the Hunterdon area. Commute was not as bad as you think and better bang for the buck. But that being said, there really is no perfect area in Jersey anymore, not even Princeton (I have run into some of the NYTimes "names" in the that town just walking around. No thx.)

    Also, the whole area (Montclair, Little Falls, Clifton, the Caldwells, the Oranges)is dense, car-wise. Like was mentioned, lots of malls, so lots of traffic.

    Upper Montclair better

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    Used to work in Little Falls. There's issue with flooding in the surrounding area. If you gonna move there, make sure you are on high grounds.
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    I guess the selling point of Montclair is they have a downtown area and it's a very walkable suburb. One could live next to the train line and walk about town and not need to drive everywhere and deal with traffic. Most suburbs are just cookie cutter residential neighborhoods.
  9. It only has a couple of streets that are trendy and walkable(bloomfield ave. and parts of grove street[I think]). If you're looking for a happening downtown area with mass transit look into Hoboken and the Jersey City waterfront.
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    Yeah I use to live in Hoboken. I left NY 9 years ago. How is Jersey City now? Especially compared to Hoboken? That place has really exploded over the last 10 years.
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