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    Just wanted to say thanks to nice trader (don't let anyone call you a sucker, you can buy from me anytime :) ) who bought $12K worth of Sept 35 Calls from me this morning.
  2. Who knows what he did vs. those calls or if he was closing for a profit. Not to mention he was surely getting edge on the trade.
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    It might have been the closing out of a position but doubt it was for a profit given that the option has been losing value for months. There is always one of these buyout rumors that happens the week of expiration on some broken stock where it gets pumped, a bunch of lemmings rush in and buy the lottery tickets at ridiculously high prices given there are 4 days to go and the stock has no prospects of going anywhere. Every now and again you get one that is so obviously a game that even those like me who are not really into profiting from these types of shenanigens manage to make a bit of cash fading the retail ignorance and greed.
  4. Maybe he bought to close out calls he shorted some time ago and idd not want to take any chances expiration week.

    It is presumptious to assume you know what is on the other side of a trade :D
  5. Who knows what else he did vs. those calls
  6. Maybe he is an insider to the company that is going to announce a buyout this friday for $40.

  7. What was the underlying on those calls?
  8. Did you read the thread title?


    Only thirty cents to go.
  9. More like a buck to go since it got smoked in AH. The jury is still out and I am sure they traded a lot higher then where they did this morning.
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    Won't be doing that again over a Fed meeting, was starting to sweat Wednesday/Thursday. I got lucky.
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