Monster Eurostoxx buyer?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EurostoxxSux, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Anyone been watching how the eurostoxx have been trading on sell offs over night lately???

    They seem to be very controlled and usually there is a huge buyer.

    Feels like someone knows something again. After the barage of selling in the first hour or two, the market without a doubt goes to makes new highs on the day by the time the NYC traders get up.
  2. Guess i was right... something had to give. Seems like the stoxx were following the USD and that thing ripped higher... and what do you know???

  3. based on the USD... id be eye-ing the 3500 level
  4. anyone going to Wabamun Lake?
  5. I guess y'all will start talking to me when the EuroStoxx trade 3500.

    talk to you then.
  6. watch out for the inverted head and shoulders... im sure itll just be a small bounce off of it...

    headin up to 3500 either way.

    based upon PA and where the USD is sitting, next stop in the EUROSTOXX: