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  1. Did anyone see Monsanto being added to the S&P today - It looks like a no-brainer MOC BUY except that according to the news, PHA shareholders will receive Monsanto stock which they will most likely dump in the market (immediately on the close?)... Any opinions?

  2. do you have a link to this addition. who's being deleted? i can't find anything related to an addition on the dow jones newswire, nor on the standard and poors website.
  3. PALM being deleted
  4. The news was on the dow wire August 7th
  5. found it...thanks. for what it's worth, i think it's still worth. never done this before, but will also look to get short on the MOC gap up, though i'll put in a limit above the market.
  6. well, i guess there were sellers in there willing to absorb whatever index buyers wanted.
  7. Babak


    I don't know about you guys but this switch totally confuses me. MON is going in but then PHA is spinning off its 85% share of MON to PHA shareholders (at close of today).

    What is the net effect on order imbalances? :confused:

    Hey! did you guys catch Bob Pisani talking about how this MOC strategy just doesn't work!? I guess he was on vacation when GS gapped up like $6 !!
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    I agree with Bob. The last addition, ATH, gapped down a dollar. I think UTX and GS were the exceptions. The hype associated with those successful plays probably drew even more people to the game.
  9. Babak


    First, MON was added to SP600 Small Cap which has very little money linked to it (relative to the behemoth SP500). So that may explain a bit of the action there.

    Second, ATH's close on the graph will not tell the whole story. You have to find out what the MOC close was on Jun 24th to see if someone buying close to the close would have made money. You can't compare the buy around close of Jun 24th to the open of Jun 25th.
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    mon only had around 3 million shares to be bought. that is a total of about 3 days volume....that is nothing. We were looking to short on rallies after lunch but the sell off after the fed produced other opportunities that were better.
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