Monsanto....Feeding or making a killing???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jueco2005, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. I am sick of hearing both positive and negative things about this company. My overall personal view is very negative.

    I wonder if some of you know better than me and would like to share opinions or things you personally know about Monsanto.
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    Cramer likes it. He prefers that over POT and MOS because he thinks it's more diversified.
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  4. Manufacturer of agent orange,genetically modified seeds,first company to patent life, aquiring heirloom seed companies and ruthless in court against those whom monsanto seeds/pollen have grown or cross pollinated accidently.

    If the Umbrella corp was listed, MON would be in the same sector.
  5. Monsanto is going to be the death of us all. Especially with those terminator seeds. (if you dont know what those are they basically will grow 1 plant and the seeds that that plant produces will be sterile) So you always have to keep buying new seeds every harvest from monsanto. But what if they run out one day. The the world starts to go into hunger because there are no available seeds because the food that just grew cant be replanted.