Monogamy: "A man is as faithful as his options"?

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(Read scenario below first!) What would you do?

  1. I'm faithful to her now, but let's be realistic: With pickings so easy, I'd party like it's 199-fuck

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  2. Just 100 men left? Hell, I've ALREADY cheated on my current partner.

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  3. I'd remain monogamous to my current partner till death do us part, no matter what.

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  4. I'm already in a side-action optional relationship, and I already know that monogamy is unnatural to

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  5. I'm currently single, so this poll doesn't really apply to me, but thanks for giving me a box to che

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  6. I'm female, so this poll doesn't really apply to me, but thanks for giving me a box to check.

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  1. <i><b>"A man is as faithful as his options"</i></b>

    ~Chris Rock

    Let's say you woke up tomorrow to an entirely new reality:
    A pandemic plague has ravaged our planet, wiping out nearly every male human on earth. Only 100 men survive, and you're one of them. Women are completely immune to the plague, remaining in the same health as they were before.

    Simple supply and demand: As one of the last standing males on earth, your attractiveness to the opposite sex has instantly shot through the roof. With 3 billion women and only 100 men, getting laid by anyone you want is now as easy as snapping your fingers and dropping your pants. Stunningly beautiful women line up to beg for the chance to service you, making Brad Pitt look like Urkel by comparison.

    So, how's monogamy looking to you now? Do you still 'only have eyes' for your current wife/gf, or is a man truly only as faithful as his options?
  2. Hey RM,

    Bwahahahaha ... just two people answered your poll, so you got a pretty good guess as to what my answer would be.

    Ah, the truth does have a certain freeing aspect, now doesn't it?! :confused: :D :)
  3. Imo, it takes a lot of energy chasing/being with a new/plenty of women. I suppose if fucking is the center of your life, all is fine and dandy but your never going to get anything accomplished and you're pretty much useless to anyone else.
  4. Mr J

    Mr J

    Yes, breeding is completely useless
  5. With that kind of ratio you wouldn't be making a choice, you'd be raped every day. :D

  6. See no reason to change. If you are mature and are in a happy marriage, realizing that both parties need to be committed, you realize it has to do with love, not sex.

    Years ago, I was talking with a friend i had not seen in a while. When I asked how his fiancee was doing, he got very distracted thinking about her and forgot what we were talking about. THAT is what a happy marriage/relationship is about.

    The people here who joke about females, who talk about having a prenuptial to "protect what is mine" and similars, have little clue. They are destined for and will likely experience what a lonely retirement is like.

    You might as well ask the similar question but instead "you have 2 daughters. You could replace them with any other 2 women in the world." An idiot would say yes. A father would say "are you kidding?"

  7. I am in full agreement. If only it were that simple. Life is anything but simple with two decision-makers.

    Daughters.............they are forever.
  8. Thought that was Bill Mahers line. ONe of them is stealing.
  9. There was a movie long ago, I don't remember it. Something like Earth 3000 or whatnot. the planet is ruled by Amazonian women and men are kept purely for breeding. THAT is what you'd have. If there were only 100 men, we'd be captured for breeding prospects. We'd have no power, no choice, nothing but sex - and that would include sex with trollish women as well!
  10. Who said I believed in monogamy in the first place??? I'd be having sex with tons of hot girls unless they didn't understand the situation - then I wouldn't do anything with them because well I don't like my girls stupid. Oh, I would charge them a fee too! ;-) lol

    But all jokes aside, I'm perfectly fine with being with 1 woman for the rest of my life. However, this wouldn't work for some out there, but since I don't get jealous I would be able to survive like this staying with my girlfriend/wife. Marriage is a nice thing if you want to have a family and kids etc...

    On a sidenote, being that there are only 100 men left on Earth, I'd talk to my wife or girlfriend and try to procreate with the other females left on the planet to create a better balance in the remaining population. But I guess if my wife wasn't cool with that, I wouldn't do it. The other chicks can always use turkey basters! :)
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