"Monkeys pick bottoms" Hugh Hendry defends shorting the USD

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cgtrader, Apr 29, 2009.

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  2. He's bullish on the USD, not shorting it.
  3. He said short stocks and after he said it stocks had their biggest multi week rally since 1933.

    Why can't he just admit he made a bad call?
  4. He's been bearish on global stocks since I've first seen him on CNBC Europe one or two years ago. It's not like he made a call to short stocks a couple weeks ago, get real.
  5. Come on Makloda, you know how these things go.

    It's entertainment.

    If Cramer tells people to buy the banks and they crash he is a puppet.

    If Hendry tells people to short stocks and it blows up he is early?

    If Mr Hendry can't deal with that he shouldnt be on TV and he should just stick to his very readworthy writings.

    At the same time Hendry was telling people to short stocks Marc Faber was telling people to buy C at 1$ a share.

    It topped out last week at 4,80$?

    (BTW: I read in a Faber newsletter once how Hendry is someone he very much admires for his insights but I guess that doesnt mean they always have to have the same view on future market behaviour.)
  6. 1. Where did he tell people to short stocks 6 week ago? He didn't like stocks one year ago and he didn't like them 6 weeks ago. He doesn't like them now. A difference too hard to understand?
    2. Unlike Jim Rogers, Jim Cramer, Peter Schiff or Marc Faber, Hendry has a public track record over the last 5 years that we can measure him against:

  7. Can anybody find the rest of his appearance yesterday. All the clips I've seen just show him answering one or two questions. He surely must have been on the air for a longer period than that.

    Anybody who has been listening to Hendry for awhile or anybody that invests in his hedge fund KNOWS that Hendry has NOTHING to apologize for.
  8. You are right my mistake.
  9. That is one hell of a chart there.....

    Thanks for posting that Makloda. Almost NO ONE can match that performance for combined bull and bear cycles. (He caught both)

    Unreal friggin real. Congrats to him.

    He reminds me of Russell Crow from "A Good Year" hah.
  10. Are you serious?! You're kidding me.

    That's the crash you're referring to. Look at the scale on the bottom. He caught it....that's what produced that spike.
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