Monkey on fire!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pupu, May 23, 2012.

  1. pupu


    Looks like they just solved the Euro crisis

    Market just took off like a monkey with it's ass on fire!!!

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  2. pupu


    Who threw a firecracker in the baboon enclosure before the close?

    Damn monkeys are all over the place again

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  3. it appears an italian politician can speak for not only greece's government, but the ECB and entire eurozone as well. why have we even been following what merckel, hollande (the guy before him), and that hottie legard, have to say week after week? i wonder how much would a nefarious hedgie have to pay, to get a puppet speaking 30 minutes before the close, "it'll all be ok."

    i feel as if one of these days the odds on flipping a coin will no longer be 50/50, as they will start landing on end and rolling away instead once in a while, just to fuck the number crunchers.

    imagine if real news actually hit the wires, either way. knowing how the bots and squid behave, to f' the most, you know some news is coming by monday, when we are closed. it's like these holiday weekends are made for such moves from the scamocracy. "look, the market is closed, let's move the market."
  4. pls alert the media.


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  5. bwahaha so right. i'm long jpy, gld and usd, short eur, chf and cl. this will take a few weeks. they can say shit but when the greek govt forms, it's all down. mark your calendars boys! there's only so much buying power the swiss have for the chf and the chinese have for the euro. when it blows, it blows! good luck.
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    "scamocracy" --- lol :D