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  1. limbo


    I'm thinking about buying 2 Hitachi rasterops-21"-refurbished-$399-6 month warrantee. Has anyone had a good(or bad) experience with refurbished monitors. Zboy the ones you got on ebay for $320-were they new or refurbished?? Also what exactly does refurbished mean-and is factory refurbished the only acceptable one?--much thanks Dan
  2. aura0663


    Bought two refurbished 20" Hitachi SuperScan monitors from, and the only problem is that I cannot get the color red. Fortunately, it's on a backup system.
  3. Hi Dan,

    The Hitachi Rasterops monitors I bought on ebay were refurbished, meaning that they had either been used or otherwise non-new, and were tuned up and brought up to factory-new specifications either by the manufacturer or a qualified refurbishing outfit. I've been using my refurbished 21" Rasterops monitors up to 12 hours a day, every day for the past year or so, with no problems whatsoever. The seller I bought them from on ebay is obviously a refurbishing clearinghouse who specializes in Hitachi monitors. Here's a link to one of his auctions if you're interested:

  4. limbo


    Thanks to both of you. Zach this post is about a month old and I was thinking of going in another direction-but this does sound enticing. I'm gonna think on it.-Dan
  5. Jurase


    Anyone familiar with Planar LCD monitors?They sell through
    Dell.Any opinions appriciated.Thanks.