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    Looking to buy 3 new 19' monitors, not sure which ones to buy, as there are so many on the market. I am looking to spend about $1200.
    Has anyone bought any recently or can you recommend a good trading monitor set up?


  2. I just ordered a new system from dell. I think they're charging about $239 for 19' flat panels. If you do a search on video cards here, there's plenty of info
  3. i just bouhgt a new Dell 20 inch widescreen from ebay. It was like 350 and its awsome
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    I have narrowed my joice down to 2

    The Samsung SyncMaster 940b is a 19-inch analog and digital TFT-LCD delivering a 700:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 1280 x 1024 resolution, 160/160 degree viewing angle and scanning frequency of 30-81kHz horizontal and 56-75Hz vertical with a fast response time of 8 ms. It features MagicTune, MagicBright II, MagicColor and built-in power.


    DELL - Dell Ultrasharp 1905FP 19'' performance LCD Flat Panel Monitor. 250cd/m2 brightness, 800:1 contrast, 20ms response time. Dual Tone TCO03

    could anyone suggested why they would choose either one!


  5. i have 3 of those dells and love them.
  6. What about aapl widescreen monitors?
    They are years ahead in term of design and beat the competition hands down on quality of materials and resolution.
  7. he only has 1200. you cant do much with half a monitor. aapl stuff is too expensive.
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    Hi, I'd choose the Samsung because of the fast response time. You probably won't notice the difference in trading applications, but you'll notice it as soon as you run graphic intensive programs and games. Also, you might want to look into the 19inch wide screen models as they're almost as same price as some of the regular 19inch models, but offer more screen realestate.

    Happy New Year:)
  9. With less than $1400 u can buy a couple of cinema monitors 20inch HD or one 23inch.
    Worth spending $200 more and get high quality stuff imo.
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    which wide screen monitors would you recommend


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