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    we've discussed monitors before...
    the concensous was for the 18 or 19" samsung LCD screen.

    people said just to buy 2...I asked about dual monitors mounted together.

    I found a gif. see below, how / where can I buy these dual monitors?

    would most still prefer 2 singles?

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  2. These are 2 single monitors placed together on a dual-monitor stand.

    If you want that setup, you can order 2 Samsung 191Ts from , and then get the dual-monitor arm/stand from

    Personally, I would recommend 3 191ts, and the triple monitor stand. That's my current setup. But, it all depends on your style of trading.

    -FastTrader :cool:
  3. nitro


    Those are normal monitors mounted on arms. See:


  4. just21


    You have to buy a stand from or The monitor most confirm to vesa standard so it can be attached to this arm. Dell have a new range of monitors out in the next 3-6 weeks. I am waiting for them as the 20 inch 1600x1200 monitors are significantly cheaper from Dell. The 19 inch monitors are 1280x1024.
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    thats great,

    thx guys
  6. Sony just introduced a 16.1" 1600X1200 on their grt won't be long now for 19" to offer 1600X1200 at resonable prices.

    Michael B.
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    Apparently I don't get it. Other than "looks neato", why would you (anyone?) spend $265 on a "dual monitor stand" when you/they can just stand 2 monitors side-by-side for no cost?
  8. The model I was referring to, would increase desk real estate

    Michael B.
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