Monitors good buys

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Copernicus, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Can someone recommend good monitors and places to buy them at?
  2. I love Costco personally... the return policy if things go wrong is the best. BUT... they don't have a great selection.

    Otherwise, go online: this site...

    is a good one for reviews etc.

    Then price shop, on PriceGrabber, or MySimon

  3. Are you looking for a CRT or an LCD? In an LCD, Samsung, Dell and Planar make excellent monitors. You can find reviews at As to where to buy, I think ebay is a great place to get a good deal. You can also try Good luck.
  4. i'mlong


    When Dell has special deals/coupons, you can find some great prices!
  5. thankx , i bought 2 19"samsungs that u can rotate 90'
    they look pretty nice and i have a lot of space for quotes