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Discussion in 'Politics' started by soler, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. soler


    we've talked this subject to death...I know I now need the samsung 191T BUT I have 2 questions....

    1. at I just saw a 191N they say its great for running dual does anyone use this? is it different / better than the 191T? all the pictures both samsung monitors are sloped on an angle....can I adjust the angle / base height of these monitors?

  2. nitro


    The 191N is WAY inferior to the 191T. I wouldn't touch it. The biggest difference is that it is analog.

    On the 191T, you can adjust the height of the monitor by sliding it up and down on it's stand. It can also pivot. Not sure about the 191N.

  3. soler


    thx nitro
  4. THAT's a nice feature. It seems like all these damned LCDs are positioned so low to the desk. I'm sick of using old VHS tapes as prop-ups.