Monitoring Value of Option Trades Graphically

Discussion in 'Options' started by cb2301, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. cb2301



    I was wondering if you could suggest -

    A software/ tool which could track my trades graphically. In other words, if I buy options on Apple (for example: an AAPL straddle) - I want to know how the value of my trade has been fluctuating minute by minute graphically.

    Is there a way to inexpensively monitor value of my trade graphically?

    Thank you
  2. Dael


    As web services (Barchart, Yahoo Finance, etc) don't show options charts (only quotes) you should use desktop software. TOS terminal can show option charts and is free to use.
    PS. After registering an account you can use web-based TOS instead of desktop terminal.
  3. Is this what you mean by "graphically" ?

  4. TOS Analyze tab can do it day by day, I'm not sure minute by minute. You can also adjust the underlying price and vol to predict the value of your trades by varying those parameters.

  5. TskTsk


    TOS or IB. I download prices in Excel via IB and graph them there min by min.