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  1. blink18


    How do you monitor your cloud instance and trading bot so that you're always up-to-date with what is going on? I would like to be notified in case trading bot crashes/hangs, or if Windows instance doesn't respond.

    One idea is to write a file by trading bot every X minutes, if this file is NOT updated -> something is wrong with trading bot. If Windows doesn't respond -> something is wrong with cloud instance.

    Is there a way to be automatically notified on my smartphone/email when any of these two scenarios happen? How and which software/apps should i look for?
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  2. Baron

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    It depends on your cloud provider. The Google cloud offers a "Monitoring" section in their cloud dashboard that allows you set up all kinds of alerts that you can be notified by via email, SMS, etc.
  3. ValeryN


    I have Pingdom checking my bot's health API every minute and SMS/email if returns wrong code or can't reach.

    There are many services like that. Some for free.

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  4. merdontv


    1.For net. you can track your network card to monitor for stream availability.
    2.For deadlock. you can monitor the presence of a data stream.
    3. For a signal of error, you can use a telegram bot.
  5. fan27


    Which cloud provider are you using?
  6. blink18


    I'm using AWS EC2.
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