monitor--- widescreen or not

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  1. whats better? I haven't been seeing any regular monitors lately. I walked into circuit city and they only had widescreen.

    by the way gnome I did get that dell t3400
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    go with the widescreen.. they're much better for productivity. the best way to use them is to have a large screen separated into halves. you can then have two windows open at the same time for anything. maybe internet/code or internet/word doc or whatever. you'll find a use for the extra screen space.
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    I hate widescreen and I dont see what the rage is all about. Unless you are going to watch movies from your PC, go with the regular square screen (if you can find one that is).
  4. Coincidentally, I just received a Dell E2209 widescreen monitor today. Still in the box. I'll let you know how it performs once I hook it up to my Dell T3400 Precision.

    Paid $205 for it NEW.

  5. Battlefield 1942 didn't like my new widescreen! Everything looked streeeeeeeetched out.
  6. well I'm mostly going to use it for trading. It will be at work so I won't have much time for movies.
    I think 2 22" should be enough.
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    Keeping older lcd's. Do not like the widescreens at all for trading. DEPTH is what i look at not the WIDTH of a chart. Once you are filled and your exit objectives are imprinted in your head (win or lose) your only concern is the NEXT bar. What happened a few hours ago does not matter at this juncture.

    How about this for a solution? Get a 40" big screen television and use it as your main chart only. Plenty of depth and you do not need to strain to see. Use the old square still working good as new LCD screens for other charts and misc stuff. Sounds like a plan.

    Widescreens IMO are just a marketing gimmick to get you to buy new screens. Next year maybe the rage will be round screens. hahaha

    Snowed a bunch last night and the cable TV went out a few minutes ago. This is coming to you via the DSL line. Charter cable sucks donkey dong.
  8. Their SELLING us on widescreens has been marketing, but there's an economic reason for them... the glass panels are cut from a larger "blank"... and buy using widescreen dimensions instead of conventional ones, they get 1 extra panel per blank and lowers their cost (unlikely they pass the savings along to buyers, however.)
  9. but they are getting real cheap
    i checked the dell website and the regular monitors are about 50 bucks more that widescreen
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    i like the 22" and 24" widescreens mostly for playing halo 3 at 1920x1080 :p

    but then they add some nice extra screen real estate when i need to get work done.
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