monitor.widescreen or not for trading

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  1. dell has a deal on 22 in monitors so am thinking about buying one. i cant decide. should i get the widescreen or not? i like to run my text size at the largest for easier reading. it will be used for trading + charts and surfing.

    1. Dell SP2208WFP 22 inch Widescreen Flat Panel Display with Webcam Diagonal Size22 in $254.25

    2. E228WFP 22-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor Diagonal Size22" - widescreen $229.00,320-5205
  2. they're both widescreens? get the cheaper w/o webcam

    the other is 50% more than the cheap one
  3. The higher priced one should be an UltraSharp... probably has an S-IPS or S-PVA panel. The cheaper one has a TN panel.

    One of the "specs" pages shows them both the same 160 degree viewing angle... likely an error. The Ultrasharp should be 176-178. Suggest verifying if interested.
  4. who looks at a monitor sideways anyways?

    you won't see any diff b/w the two. get cheap one throw it away in 10 yrs w/o a second thought
  5. It's not just that. On a TN panel the center can appear brighter than the edges when looking straight on. If you're annoyed by that or by the fact the entire screen is much darker if the viewing angle is other than 90 degrees, then don't get a TN.
  6. neither are the ultrasharp. i have 3 19in ultrasharps now. i have read that there is little difference between the ultrasharp and the e series anymore except the adjustable stand.
  7. Well, something is weird or different. The specs page shows one using 75 watts and the other 40.6 watts. If that's true, they can't both have the same panel.
  8. A quote from Consumer Search...

    "... The entertainment-oriented 22-inch Dell SP2208WFP (*est. $300) is selected as an Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine and It’s loaded with features, including an HDMI port, a webcam with microphones and a USB hub (speakers are optional). PC Magazine’s John Delaney concludes, “If you're looking for a full-featured 22-inch display, this model should be at the top of your list.” He finds only minor flaws, such as a poor viewing angle. Colors are sharp and text is readable down to a 5.3-point font. The SP2208WFP performed exceptionally well in CNet’s DisplayMate tests. Matthew Elliott was also delighted with it when playing games and watching movies. .."
  9. yes that has me confused. the response time is also different.
  10. Maybe just avoid the confusion and buy a Samsung. :D
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