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  1. Does anyone know what the diference is between a DELL 30" (not DELL specifically, any monitor brand) monitor and getting a 42" LCD TV/Monitor (i.e. Vizio) You can get 42" LCD TV/monitor for under $700 and the 30" monitors for for almost $1,300 plus you have to either get the low end $400 video card or the better for around $800 for th 30" monitor.
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    In general the monitors have higher resolution (more horizontal and vertical pixels) and the TVs have wider viewing angles, higher contrast and a greater variety of inputs.

    Look at the specifications of the units you are comparing.

    What will you be using the unit for?
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    Exactly, a typical 42" HDTV LCD has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels

    Dell's 30" monitor (3007WFP) has a resolution of 2560x1600
  4. So in other words, the TV's won't even give me tha same resolution as my 20" monitors at 1600 x 1200?

    I am modeling past market winners and mrket rallies and sell offs. At times I need to see two years worth of daily chart data at the same time. You can imagine how small the bars are if I try to shrink the two years worth of chart data on one screen or how annoying it is if I have to scroll back and forth. I also have to make many annotations, I use Visio for this (i import the chart) and need the extra space on top for the annotations.

    Any further suggestions would be great and appreciated.
  5. You could get an HDTV with 1920x1080p resolution.
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    You could look at a 1080p LCD with a resolution of something like 1920 x 1080 pixels which would be more tolerable (and of course more expensive then the normal HDTV LCDs that only do 1080i) but with that size screen and that resolution things aren't going to look good unless you are a certain distance away which is ok for a TV but not so good if you want to sit close in front of it to view

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  8. Thanks guys, you guys confirmed what I didn't want to hear, spend the $1,300 on the Dell, cheap a**, LOL, thanks again.
  9. Oh yeh, and don't forget the video card or it won't work (around $400 or $800).