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    I am shopping and wonder if I should go with multi-monitor set up or one large screen. Any opinions? Seems like one larger could be had cheaper.
  2. Depends on your preference really.

    One larger can be nice but remember you'll be constantly re-sizing windows because you can't just maximize or it'll cover up everything. I personally like multiple smaller monitors so that you can maximize things like internet explorer or remote desktop sessions.

    But I also have monitors and stands just laying around collecting dust.
  3. I have 3 - 23" monitors.

    Looking back I wish I had one big one for the middle then have the two smaller ones on the sides. Only because I like watching movies or netfilx while waiting for trades to materialize.

    All personal preference really though.
  4. A small tv off to the side works great.
  5. One large monitor is not equivalent to multiple monitors. You need to look at the resolutions for each monitor, and the amount of information you want to view, and to what level of details.

    Most large monitors are only 1920x1080. May be the same as small monitors capable of 1920x1080. This only means you can see the same image, only bigger in size. Unless you purchase the higher resolution monitors, like 2560x1080, or 2560x1600. But those can get expensive. (e.g. $650 for one monitor, instead of $110.)
  6. As has been said, personal preference is the key, but I have a 3 x 24" setup that I like a lot. I also have two expensive 30" monitors that are 2560x1600, and they are great but they get quite hot and you sometimes have to increase the font sizing on things to be able to read them easily. For the money I think the Dell u2412m is the best deal for a reasonably good monitor, but keep in mind I am pretty picky. I won't buy 1080 resolution monitors or TN monitors, 1200 resolution is the lowest I will go, and either an IPS panel or at least eIPS like the Dell. If you haven't done so already you really need to go to a store that has a variety to look at so you can see the difference in resolutions and panel quality in person.
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    I prefer High resolution monitors on large screens. [2560x1600 - 30"]

    A, you are able to display a lot of data on one screen
    B, accomodates multiple charts on one screen
    C, easier on the eyes

    I also prefer multiple monitors. Best of both worlds.

    Old Screenshot of my trading desk

  8. Yup 30 inchers are great space heaters in the winter, but in the summer it might be better to go with 24" LED monitors.

    I think I could feel my face melting last summer with just 1 30".:eek: :)
  9. Exactly, I really hope someone comes out with a 2560x1600 30" led that does not get hot. I would be tempted to replace my whole setup with several of those.
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    Eddie Z

    It all depends on your personal preference and needs.
    If you are a daytrader, you will more than likely need more than one monitor.
    Multiple monitors will allow you to look at the market, look at charts, check your email...all at the same time. This can get really tricky having only one.
    I hope this helps!
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