Monitor Response Time

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sobepehopeful, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. What is a decent response time one should be looking for when investing in monitors for a trading setup?

    (I have my eye on a set of monitors that are a great price that have 25mls response times)
  2. Gamers like 5 mls or less. For trading, I don't think I'd woory about it (unless you're firing off bunches of trades per second).
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    Response time only matters if your doing fast motion stuff like watching a action movie or playing games for that you get 3-5ms for the stuff to look good when its moving fast, in trading you don't have to worry about it, but 25ms seems kinda high you sure its that i think the highest iv seen on some good yet cheap LCDs is 10ms.
  4. 25ms is quite high... basically when dragging a window you will see ghosting... like the old school mouse trails popular during Windows 95 days.

    At the worst it may only become annoying. For non high motion 2d graphics you should be ok.

    What year are the monitors? They must be dirt cheap..... try them before getting them.... if you have LCDs look up the response time. After getting a few 5ms my old 16ms only then became noticable of ghosting.