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  1. I am looking to buy several new monitors. I was all set to get some 22" 1920x1080 ACERs, but i noticed the refresh rate was listed as 60 Hz. I currently run everything I have at 75 or 80 Hz.

    I noticed most of the consumer-oriented monitors they had seemed to be 60 Hz. Is this the new standard, and isn't there a problem with flicker and eyestrain at that low a refresh rate?
  2. Nope. LOTS of monitors run at that refresh rate.
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    Yes most LCD's are 60hz. They say refresh rate doesn't matter for LCD's, but I can tell the difference. I have a VX2268 (120hz LCD) and it looks worlds better to me than anything @60hz. Go to an electronics store where they have a lot of screens on display, and see what looks good to you.
  4. I can sense the difference as well as I trade full time, and you can especially sense it when there is low light conditions in the room you trade from. I run an 8 monitor setup. They all run at least 75 refresh rate. 70 should be the minimum
  5. 60Hz is old school. I would start to get into 120Hz also b/c all 120Hz LCD's are 3-D capable.
  6. 3D is of no help in trading, this isn't a video gaming or engineering forum
  7. By the way, bloomberg terminal monitors all run at 120HZ
  8. Sometimes we perceive what we expect.

    Cinematic film runs at 24 FPS because that's the slowest speed our eyes can perceive as "continuous motion". (Ever watch an old-time western and see wheel spokes on a moving wagon apparently "standing still" or even moving backwards? Has to do with the film's FPS and the rotation rate of the wheel being so close to the same.)

    James Cameron (director of Avatar and Titanic) says, "there is perceivable difference between 24 FPS and up to 60 FPS".

    IOW... between 24 FPS and 60 FPS we can perceive sharper image and detail. >60 FPS, our eyes can't see it.

    So... what good is 120Hz, 240Hz, or 600Hz? Do we perceive them as "better" just because marketing tells us they are "better"?

    ("Using your head" is almost always a good thing.)
  9. I reset one of my older screens to 60 and i could tell a difference. I'm not sure how big a difference it would be, but back in the day with CRTs, it would drive you nuts if they weren't running at 80Hz.

    I went back to the site,, and looking at eh specs, saw the "60Hz" monitors listed their actual refresh rate as 55-75, so i guess that will be adequate. Unfortunately the one I wanted apparently doesn't have a VESA mount.
  10. What Acer model are you looking at?

    I use a few of:
    Acer S211HL LED Monitor
    for about $130 each, 6 months ago

    I like them. They are light, bright, VESA mount, 1080p resolution.

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    Does refresh rate really makes such a difference in trading? I have many monitors with many charts. Most of the display, maybe 90%+, is static. Only the far right edge of a chart change constantly, and with only a small amount per second. Does it really makes such a difference seeing it 60 times per second versus 80+ times per second? You aint watching ESPN on your computer monitor of a base ball playing throwing a fast ball...
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