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    Recently picked up a Samsung 2494HM monitor, 1600x1080. Works fine for movies, etc, but text on it is a bit fuzzy and creates a lot of eye strain. Tried other resolutions and it didn't help. Had to resize the setting to keep the icons and taskbar on the window. It's going back.

    Anyone have recommendations for a good 22" to 24" monitor that won't break the bank? Heard the Dell ultra sharps are good. There are some HP's at the local shop but they all have the glossy screen with lots of glare.

    Thanks - EZ
  2. Dell S2409W and Dell G2410.

    I recently installed an S2409W for my neighbor and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. (I've always disliked TN panels so have bought S-IPS ones for myself.)

    Recently Cnet gave a better review for the G2410 when compared to the S2409W.

    Customers give a higher reviewing rating for the S2409W, however.

    Normal price on S2409W has recently been $279... $299 for G2410, but both have recently been on sale for <$200, with free ship.
  3. I'd like it if all monitors had a glossy screen option.

    They're sharper with more vibrant colors.. and one can usually cope with the glare to eliminate it.
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    Thanks for the replies. There were also a couple suggestions for the HP LP2457W and HP 2408H. Could the resolution have something to do with the text rendering? 16:9 vs 16:10

    I got hooked with the NEC Opticlear series.

    I own this LG monitor and it is fantastic.
  6. It's HP LP2475W... both that and the HP2408 have 1920x1200 res. The 2475 has S-IPS panel, the 2408 has TN. Some monitors are better at text sharpness, as their electronics are better about it.
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    Transposed the letters on the 2475. Too bad there isn't a definitive guide on text sharpness. Some reviewers problems could just be their settings instead of the monitor.

    This site had a ranking based on readability:
  8. If you can't see the monitor in person, about all you can do is rely upon reviews.

    The HP LP2475W not only has an S-IPS screen, it gets a couple of "best ever tested" nods from TFT Central... and considering it's only $535, it's well priced too.... I paid about $600 at the first of the year. (If you decide to get one, I left a review with TFT Central's calibrated settings under the reviewer name of "Hose".)
  9. Understand (big transposer, myself) .. just posted the correction in case others went looking for a "2457"... :D
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