Monitor RAM vs regular RAM

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Babak, Jun 22, 2001.

  1. Babak


    does your monitor need RAM on the video card (embedded) or can your system RAM supply it also?

    just wondering because I'm going to be adding a monitor soon and wouldnt want to be short RAM

  2. hey man =)

    as i understand it, ram on the video card is more a function of the number of colors the card can display.. also, resolution..

    there is a great hardware tutorial on the elitetrader homepage..

    hope that helps..

  3. Babak,

    Typically the graphics card has its own RAM. Some graphics cards will use system memory for certain memory intensive features such as textures and mipmaps.

    Generally you're much better off getting a graphics card with 16 or 32 MB of on-board memory since that will support virtually all resolutions and color depth that a monitor can handle.

    If your system supports AGP, make sure you get an AGP graphics card.

  4. statetech


    I'd highly recommend shelling out the nominal extra money and get a 32mb card. You'll have more resolution options and it'll be easier on your eyes since you can run at higher refresh rates, dependent on your monitor of course.
  5. Maxito


    I am looking to purchase (mail order as I live in the USVI) a used multi-monitor card as the new prices are more that this Dell 500mz computer is worth. Any suggestions as to where to search? I've look at e-bay.

  6. railman


    Read the elitetrader guide it is quite good with respect to video cards and memory however, I would add that you need to be aware the dual head video cards may advertise video memory as say 16MB, but that amount is shared or halved between the heads. In others words 16MB video ram equals 8MB for each display head!

    Good Luck!