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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Carl J, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Carl J

    Carl J

    I going to a multi-monitor setup and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to buy monitors and video cards?
    Has anyone used Ebay?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. aura0663


    I seen on this site (or some other ), someone got a Jeronimo Pro video card (4 monitors) through Ebay cheaply, and I've bought monitors with Ebay and Ubid at very reasonable prices with no complaints
  4. nitro


    Carl J

    If you are one of those people that doesn't care much about the monitor and are looking for the best price, then all the places mentioned above are probably as good as any.

    However, if you are looking for the finest monitor that you can afford, then I urge you to actually see the monitors, and I don't mean at one of those stores where they have them all connected to one computer.

    There is nothnig more subjective than what is a good image to each person. FWIW, looking at static images (the way that most of trading is represented today in the form of charts and quote screen) means that flat panels are the way to go. In addition, for the extra stabilty of the image, I strongly recommend a digial interface (DVI.) Finally, if you are going to need to put these on "arms" then flat panel is the only way to go, but make sure that the panels support the arms.

    Today, a decent 15 flat panel for trading costs about $300!! I have four 18 inch Philips 180P which I like very much, but they are more than $300.


  5. Brewey


    yeah, someone paid $250 for a Jeronimo Pro card on EBAY.

    I'm currently waiting for a Matrox G200 MMS Quad card that I paid $350 for also on EBAY.

    'levmart' was the seller and he mentioned he may have more for the same price.
  6. nitro


    Please note that there are older g200 mms Quads that _don't_ support the digital interface.

    If you don't care, then you will be OK. If you do, make sure that the quad you are getting does.


  7. Brewey



    thanks for the warning. the seller said it was one of the latest cards made by Matrox and even had heat sinks built into the board, so hopefully it will be OK.
  8. gbungard

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    I do not believe you will be as happy with Matrox,
    a Canadian company, bad support, I have bad experience with
    them and a trading friend of mine has too.

    I sold my Quad and bought Colorgraphic quad, much better software, and great support.

    Less expensive than Appian too.
  9. nitro


    Funny you should say that.

    I have a G200 MMS QUAD card, and it has been a nightmare. When it works, it works great, but I have had it RMA'd in the past, and as of today, I have to RMA it back.

    As for tech support, I agree, they are terrible. Not only that, the wait and the phone bills to Canada have cost me almost as much as the card!

    Well, I do not know much about Colorgraphic cards, but depending on how this current situation ends with them, I may switch forever.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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