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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bennyo, Sep 19, 2001.

  1. bennyo

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    In my multi monitor setup I've some monitor interference between 2 monitors on top of each other.
    ( Small grey horizontal lines between the scanlines, one is scrolling all the time )

    Is there some way to shield the magnetical interference ?

    How do you guys solve this problem.

  2. Baron

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    You shouldn't have to shield them from each other. If there seems to be interference when multiple monitors are put together, that's usually a sign that one of them has an internal problem. As a matter of fact, a monitor that is giving off more radiation than it should is considered to be a health hazard since it can cause acute headaches, nausea and eyestrain.

    Somebody once told me about an inexpensive tool you can hold near a monitor that indicates whether or not the radiation levels are within an acceptable range, but I haven't used it myself.
  3. Wirehead


    Since I cannot see your monitors it is hard for me to help, but you may try playing around with your refresh rates. Some monitors cannot handle 85 and will only function properly with 75 or 60 refresh rates especially if they are connected to the same vid card.
  4. m_c_a98


    Last week I had grey lines up and down my screen. I tested all the settings and hooked up other monitors to test it and the problem was still there. So I replaced the Video card and that solved the problem.
  5. if you have spare video cables, you should try switching cables. I doubt that the monitors (if they are less than a few years old) would interfere with each others. There are stong federal regulations on radiation. It's much more likely an electrical problem.

    One more thought: how about ventilation ? Excessive heat does effect electronics.
  6. MegRean


    You probably deal with older monitors. Those weren't that well shielded as the new ones are. I guess you can interrupt the magnetical interference with a plumbum plate ... there are no other possibilities I know from...