Monitor Deals, Expires Sunday

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chisel, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. chisel


    Hi all,

    As I mentioned in a few posts earlier this week, I was shopping for some 17" lcds. I found some great deals today at Dell:

    It's Dell's small business site with an additional 15% off monitors and other peripherals. I bought the Planar 17.4" CLEAR (not black or white, they're more $) lcd for $610 after tax and shipping. They have other brands too.

    I have no affiliation with Dell, just passing along info.
  2. Bsulli


    Notice on your link that Dell has a 20' flat panel for a little over 13 hundred bucks. That a good price.

    Wish I had an extra couple of grand and I would be shopping!