Moneymaker on CNBC

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Pekelo, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Pekelo


    Chris is picking stocks in the contest. Are they acknowledging that stocktrading is gambling? :)

  2. I think Jenna Jameson is scheduled to giver her picks tomorrow.
  3. that's like cab drivers speaking about stocks..... major top.
  4. EPrado


    Did Moneymaker ever win anything again in the poker world after winning the big one? Someone told me his life fell apart after he won....something about his wife leaving him....never won again...etc

    I think he is making a nice living promoting poker. I saw him on TV last week on NBC's "Poker After Dark" show.
  6. Looks like he hasn't won much for years.

    I remember when he won the championship. Seems like he had to lay bad beat after bad beat on the other guys.

    I mean, wasn't Moneymaker the guy who kept going All In with crap like 2 sevens? Then he'd invariably catch the third seven on the Turn or River? Just destroyed the guys with two Aces...

    Think that was him (it's been a while). Not saying he's not good. I sure couldn't do what he did. It's just that pure and amazing luck played such a big part of that tourny, I wonder if he'll ever win big again?

    I know, it's always part luck and part skill. Just seemed like it was mostly luck and partly skill!
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