Money Vs. Knowledge

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Which one is more important?

  1. What you have

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  2. What you know

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  3. Both about equal

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  4. Fuck 'em both

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  2. Lucrum


    Seems like an odd poll RM.

    Considering how many in this forum seem to have neither.
  3. Bootsie


    Ok, I'll bite...

    Not crazy about the "both about equal" choice... I kinda like the "fuck 'em" selection but I had to go with knowledge... assuming were not talking about the end of the world in one week (due to today's lovely action in the ES)... i.e. No time horizon.

    I can say from experience that I know of several individuals (and have heard of even more) who came from family's with lots of cash but no matter how many chances they had in life, somehow found a way to piss it all away. After a while you realize that they can't even tie their own shoes but you know they would always have someone there to bail them out.
    Kinda like the expection to the rule forced to live with the majority.

    I also know of several hard working and extremely intelligent people (close to me) who grew up without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of and went on to make something of themselves; learned how to compound their knowledge and found ways to continuely reinvent their incomes along the way in many different field of endeavor.

    What can I say, I watching Charles and Kenny eat greens and fried chicken...

  4. that's just some silly shit you posted, I've heard crap like that from every idiot on this planet

    knowledge is not intelligence

    I don't need to know who the fuck you are, I don't need to know how much you or any other human suffered or how hard you worked to get to where you are, if I know then I am an idiot, the existence of no human being matters, majority of humans have the same pathetic mentality as yours, but when it comes to money they are on all fours licking their own shit like a fucking pig

    intelligence is the ability to gain knowledge of what is needed when needed and the ability to forget it when it is not of use

    knowledge is like this crap that you have memorized, and you come here on ET to repeat it
  5. Bootsie


    Hey Fuck-Head,

    Your definitions are incorrect.

    Intelligence has to do with 'many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn.'

    Knowledge is 'expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; ...awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.'

    So, the poll asked about knowledge - not intelligence. How the fuck do you "gain knowledge" without experience. Read the definitions of knowledge. When you "compound knowledge" and "reinvent" yourself, you're doing so based upon the collection of experiences. When you adapt and suceed it's usually because you've brought experiences with you.

    Try reading D. Hume before you open your mouth next time.
  6. are money and knowledge mutually exclusive?
  7. Money is a comparison device.
    Knowledge is an equalizer.
    Equality is true.
    Differences are false.
    Whichever is a priority will be the more important one to you...will be your experience.

    Knowledge is total or not at all. Knowledge is the inheritance of all that is real. All that is real has equal knowledge of everything. Knowledge is synonymous with what is true and real. Everything that is true and real is known [knowable]. Whatever is not true or real cannot truly be known. Knowledge has the attribute of certainty...without doubt. To have knowledge is to know thySelf with certainty. There is nothing more precious than that.

    What is beyond knowledge must be learned. To know more than total knowledge, one must embark into the unknown. So learning first leads away from knowledge into the unknown realms of uncertainty and doubt. Whatever is learned is not knowledge...does not become knowledge...does not add to knowledge...does not compound knowledge. Learning confuses knowledge. What Bootsie describes as knowledge is learning for experience. Learning "reinvents" oneSelf. Learning, as it leads away from knowledge, is for the experience of knowing not who you are.

    The "good is all that is real. It can be known. The *no good* [evil] is all that is unreal, and therefore cannot be known. The world arises out of a quest to "know" both "good" and "evil" [no good] as true and real. It is truly impossible to know both as true. So the world is a learned fantasy realm in which the impossible is made to seem possible. It yeilds a realm in which the "good" is not any more true or real than the "evil". Neither expressions are true when both are forced to combine and mix in various patterns.

    The "good" is what is equal...knowing only equality. The "evil" is what is the learned experience of comparison devices.

    The body is a comparison device. Money is a comparison device. The "root" of evil is the desire to differentiate the equal through comparison devices. What knows is born equal. What is ignorant is born unequal. Man is born ignorant and unequal. Personhood is a measuring stick. Money supports the various ticks on the stick of differences expressed in the learned realms of personhood. Personhood is a learned experience. A person can never be sure who he is with certainty. Money seems to help establish who someone is...but not with certainty.

    Money and personhood are props on a stage of grandios scale. The props evoke feelings. What does "evil" feel like? What does the unknown feel like? What does it feel like to be ignorant? What does it feel like to be different? What does it feel like to be in another "class" of personhood? What does it feel like to be be be "middle class". All of this is the experience of "evil". It is not known. It cannot be known. It is imagined...percieved...judged...fantasized...made-up...scripted. What is known can be shared. But the experience of personhood cannot be shared because each experience is it is private. What is private is a fantasy...a hallucination. What is known is shared entirely.

    Knowledge belongs to the realm of abundance. True abundance cannot even be imagined by any mind within the realms of scarcity. Where knowledge is scarce, so is abundance. In the realms of learning, more learning is considered "knowledge". And this is considered "good" because it yeilds relatively more "abundance". But once again, what the world considers to be "good" is not true GooD. The world's "goods" are comparison devices.

    If you want the totality of everything choose true knowledge.
    If you want maximum true wealth, choose true knowledge.
    If you want the whole of true abundance without the experience of false scarcity, choose true knowledge.

    Here is a bit of true knowledge from beyond the world: You will never be satisfied with less than the totality of everything. This is known. This is your true will. It is GoD's will. It is your inheritance. It is the same as saying you will never be satisfied with less than what you are...who you are. And neither will any other learned self-concept. So the solution to the world's money problems is the abandonment of the world, which is a learned realm that can never yield more than uncertainty. It is not a realm at all, really. It is a dream of inequality.

    Knowledge cannot be learned.
    Knowledge can only be given and recieved [accepted].
    What was learned can be unlearned.
    When the world is unlearned, knowledge can be restored.
    When knowledge is restored, it is restored in its entirety...totally.
    The restoration of knowledge is the last step in the journey home called "salvation".
    Our Father takes the last us knowledge again.
    This is the "second coming" of the Son of God.
    It is a "homecoming".

  8. As I have described them, yes. The return to knowledge involves the abandonment of the realms of ignorance. Money is part of the realm of ignorance, which is a realm of comparison of apparent differences. It is "hard for a rich man" to return to the realm of knowledge only because he is most inclined to be content with the realms of ignorance. One's desire for the world will keep one in it. This is because desire is king. The world is a desire for the false. Knowledge is restored by surrendering false desire for true desire. True desire is the truest desire, so true desire is "king of kings".

  9. Ability is nothing without opportunity.

    -Napoleon Bonaparte