Money up prop firm without registration?

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  1. I post for a friend, does anyone know a company that will take new accounts without a registration? PM me.
  2. I don't want to get into a big deal here, but can I just ask "why?" Is it perhaps they are not English as first language? With all the "stuff" that goes on, and pointed out here on ET, I just can't imagine not wanting to study for a week to take a test.


  3. Did you mean to delete your post, Lights? I pulled my simple response down too, if you did. Feel free to PM me if you like. i was just checking before the final bell.

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    What test are you referring to that would only take 1 week to study for ?
  5. LOL, depending on your available time, 40 hours of solid study should handle the S7. Good study materials etc. Also, you can take the 1 week course offered....they used to "guarantee" that you would pass. I think the "guarantee" was an additional free class. We had one trader, on this board, who passed just a few days after he registered and started studying. Last month I think.

    Heck, it may take 2 weeks or more if you're working full time. In any event, not a big deal overall. Much easier than trading IMO.

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    your words not mine. you only need a week to pass the 7 lol.

    I never heard anyone taking the 7 with only 1 week to study & passed
    anything is possible i guess , but very rare

    never a big deal if your not the one taking the test . easier said then done
  7. the 7 takes 2-3 months or 100 hours minimum to study for if you have little to no industry experience.

    the 56 should take 50-60 hours of studying minimum
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    yea i thought it was just me. it takes time to study , unless your a bright person
  9. LOL, yep, the "bright" part can have an impact. Seriously, everyone has a different learning curve. Especially on tests. Even if it takes 6 months of part time studying, well worth that minimal effort. I took the CPA exam, the RE Brokers exam, and the Series 7. S7 easier than all of them. Well, maybe not easier than the RE exam, LOL.

    Anyway, just a way to make trading easier.

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    i hear you. it would take at least 2 weeks of study for the 7 lol.

    yea once the test is done its a memory & worth it overall
    not much of a choice anymore these days to get the bp
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