Money Talks!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fl_trader001, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. I can hardly take it anymore with all the smack some 16 yr olds on these message boards are coming out with now. Let's get some things straight and clear the air a little.

    It doesn't matter who you trade with, what you trade, or how you trade. Nor does it matter where you trade, or who said what to whom about someone "stealing" from their traders, taking overrides, stealing customers, in violation of SEC rules, calling their lawyers, making slanderous comments, etc etc..

    Money talks! How much you make, and MORE importantly, how much you keep.

    PS.. To all you managers looking for customers, here's a novel idea.. Try paying for your advertising. Those who can trade - trade. Those who can't - manage trading offices!
  2. I take it you are not one of those people who cannot sleep at night unless the balance in their checking account is less than $1000 and all their credit cards are maxed out. Shame on you! As a patriotic American it is your duty to be a good consumer! And you should also have a few dozen children with different partners to make sure we don't run out of consumers.