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  1. I think the money mangement aspect is the most vital part. With good MM skills you can actually turn a losing system into a money machine. What kind of MM rules are you guys using?
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    thereby guaranteeing every win streak ends with the largest possible loss...
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    Do you use one of the familiar schemes, e.g. fixed fractional or fixed ratio, or did you come up with your own variation?


  4. The most vital part of what?

    I use the 50/50/30/1-2MM system. Pays off like a slot machine.

  5. Oh really? The craps table has odds of around 49%, which makes it almost a breakeven game. If you think you can use MM to turn a losing system into a money machine, I recommend you hit the casino and make a fortune.

  6. Good point, blueberrycake! But I do think that Elder and Eng teach practical MM principles for trading.

  7. What system?
  8. It's a forex trading system.

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    It's unbelievable. This makes the third thread I've read in two days where people in current winning streaks are waving off the comments that point out the possible weaknesses in their strategies/methods... waving off the comments on the basis that since they're in a winning streak, it means their method is a winning method, instead of realizing that even losing systems have their days. Really, the way to trade those systems is to stop when you're ahead. Just like in a casino, when you win against the house. There, you don't have the edge, but it's still possible to have a winning streak. But if you keep on playing long enough, you'll give it all back and then some.

    The idea that a losing system can be turned into a winning system by virtue of money management is akin to thinking that a person can successfully lose weight and get healthier just by eating a diet of lots of junk food only as long as you take smaller bites.
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